Journal Entry #12: Back to class essentials 

So with classes starting back in less than a week, I’ve been scrambling to load up on all of my essentials. The basics. The stuff you really need is all down below. May the odds be in your favor this semester. 

1. Tennis shoes. Not all of us can be Blair Waldorf strutting around in 4″ heels. Also, stick to small pops of color, it looks nicer with the black leggings and black tee you’re going to wear.

  • Nike Flex Experience Run 4
  • Nike Revolution 2
  • Adidas originals Superstar 2
  • Converse All-Stars (white canvas are linked)

2. Sunglasses. The bigger the better.  Nothing covers tired eyes more effectively than large black lenses.

3. Tote or backpack. To carry your life in. Personally, I prefer totes and I get them from local monogram shops. #SouthernBelle

4. Notebooks. This is where I’m not very picky. I usually get the Five Star college ruled. This is probably as low maintenance as I get.

5. Pens. I rarely use pencils, but if I do, it’s the ole fashioned No. 2. I personally love and live for Papermate Flair pens. They do not bleed through paper and come in so many colors.

6. Perfume. We’re walking around all day so we might as well smell nice. Also, I think it’s very polite when someone walks by and they’re wearing a fabulous scent. Thank you. 

7. REUSABLE water bottle. Because this will save you money, it’s quick, and we’re saving the Dolphins, people. 

8. Agenda or organizer. I’m super old fashioned and I have to write things down. I do use my calendar on my iPhone, but let’s be honest, do we always look at our calendar events? No. No we do not. I have only ever used Lilly Pulitzer agendas, but the Kate Spade ones are to die for as well. I’m going to be real, I don’t have the patience for washy tape and stickers… 

    Thanks for reading!! 


    -the blonde journals


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