Journal Entry #18: Preparing for Florence

I’m excited to share that I will be leaving for Florence, Italy on January 2nd. I’ve been anticipating this trip for a little over a year. I first heard about the trip last year in one of my Apparel and Design classes. Ever since the trip was mentioned I became dreamy-eyed for this centuries old city. 

A few things I’m most excited for are the architecture and the museums. I’m a little bit of a nerd, if you will. I love museums. I’ve been to the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan a couple of times and saw mostly Ancient Greece artifacts. The Renaissance is one of my favorite periods for art and fashion (as I am an Apparel and Design Merchandising major). I cannot wait to see all of the paintings I’ve studied in all of my art classes in real life. One painting I am especially excited to see is The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. This painting is one of my absolute favorites. However, I am anticipating the beautiful craftsmanship of jewelry and fashions Florence has to offer. 

The architecture is something else I am a little obsessed with. It’s so fascinating to think that most of the buildings and churches have been standing since medevil times. The Medici family home and the carousel are others I’m excited to see. 

I hope to learn more about Florentine culture and European culture in general (as I haven’t been outside of the good USA). It will definitely be an adjustment to live like an Italian, but it will be such an amazing time nonetheless. I’m happy to share this with my sister as well. We are elated for the opportunity to go to Italy together and cannot wait to collect amazing content for our blogs and social medias. 

 The actual preparation for Italy has been slightly stressful; however I’m happy to share this experience with my younger sister ( follow her: thebrunettejournals). We have the same taste in clothes and are the same size, so clothing options aren’t really an issue. I’m more nervous about the going through security and baggage. To become more familiar with Florintine history, I’ve been indulging in the Netflix series Medici: Masters of Florence. Another thing I’ve been doing is favoriting locations in Florence on my Maps app, so I know exactly where to go when I arrive. 

Whilst we are waiting to depart to Italy, we have to count our steps each day and figure up an average. An average day for me is about 5,000 steps; although if I am at work I average about 7-8,000. Then there are the lazy days, which are my favorite, and those average around 3,500 steps. 

Until next time,

-TBJ xx 


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