Journal entry #19: Ciao, Florence


I touched down in Florence a little over 24 hours ago and it has been a whirlwind. The eight hour flight, was what I expected it to be: long. The flight was not too bad, I definitely got tired of sitting for eight hours. The flight went by quickly with the distraction of movies and conversations with my sister. Unfortunately during this flight I didn’t get much sleep; however the flight from Paris to Florence is when I rested.

The layover in Paris was probably the hardest for me. I was tired and wanted to eat. Unlike the United States airport, which had plenty of food choices, the French airport had a bistro restaurant and a Starbucks. My sister and I really wanted to take naps during the layover, but the airport was crowded and we ended up watching a movie.

When we landed in Florence we were taken to our apartment where we unpacked and settled in. My sister and I have a beautiful apartment. Our bedroom has two twin beds, a large window, and a beautiful wooden wardrobe. A first impression I had of Florence were the drivers were a little scary (they drive very fast), the streets are very narrow, and people do not smile to other people as they do in the States.

Later on we had a beautiful Italian dinner. We had a four course meal with water and wine. The food was delicious. The conversation and leisure during dinner is very important for Italians. Dinners can go on for hours. This is something that I adore.

Something that is different and really stood out to me was the apartments. They’re right on the street. I have seen this in New York, but the apartments usually have a doorman or have an entrance to the apartment building. In Florence, the apartments are street level, then you enter your apartment with a key or walk up a flight of stairs to reach the apartment.  Also, the doors do not have door handles like in the states. The doors pull open with a knob or push open.

There’s so much more I could speak about beautiful Firenze. I’ll have to write a post tomorrow about some of the sights I’ve seen today. Until next time.

TBJ xx

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