Journal entry #20: Italian market


Today my group went to Centrale Market in Firenze (Italian for Florence). The first floor are where the meats, produce, and spices are sold; along with some desserts. On the second floor there is a food court. This food court is not like an American food court. There are not any fast food pit stops. This food court is more elegant. The lunches can be served with wine and there are so many delicious choices. Although there were so many choices, my sister and I decided to try the pizza. It was so, so good. I could taste the freshness of the dough, tomato, and cheese.

Alongside the food court being super chic, another difference is how Italians shop for their meals. Italians go to the market almost daily to buy food for their dinners. This holds a strong comparison to Americans. As Americans, we buy our food in bulk. We buy food to last us two weeks to a month. This means canned foods, boxed foods with over-processed ingredients. Not all Americans shop this way and food and farmers markets are becoming more prevalent.

Tonight we had to cook an Italian meal. We bought all of our ingridents at the Centrale Market. My group consisted of me, my sister, Starr, and our roommates, Nikki and Marcola. We made chicken rotini with Parmesan bread. My sister and I bought the chicken, spices, olive oil, rotini, and the baguette. Marcola and Nikki bought the cheeses and tomato sauce. Before I cooked the chicken, I let it marinate in the olive oil and basil. I also made the Parmesan bread. My sister grated the Parmesan, which is harder than it sounds. Marcola diced up the chicken and Nikki cooked the noodles. The dish was actually really good. We made extra so we could have leftovers for tomorrow. As roommates we plan on cooking more together. It was a lot of fun and I had a good time with my roomies! ❤️

Steps: 14,054



Our amazing pizza


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