Journal entry #21: Epiphany

Ciao ❤️

Today is the celebration of Epiphany. Epiphany is the twelfth day of Christmas and also marks the day baby Jesus was greeted by the Magi (the three kings or wise men). This day also marks the end of the celebration. There are many festive decorations around Florence. There is a nativity scene at the Duomo, a few large Christmas trees, and many twinkling lights.

Unlike Americans, Italians do not celebrate Christmas with an over commercialized Santa Claus. The have la befana. This is a little older lady who delivers gifts or stockings to children throughout Italy. The old lady rides a broomstick to deliver the gifts. In America we would see this as a witch for Halloween, but here in Italy this is similar to our Santa Claus.

This is the end of our first school week and I am happy that the weekend is here. Other people from my group are going to other Italian cities such as Venice and Milan, but I want to explore Florence further. I’ve been getting a lot of content for my blog and social medias, so I will be editing this weekend.

It’s still hard to believe that I am very far from home (and in another country). I didn’t know how I would feel when I was finally in Italy because I was happy to just get some sleep. I am in awe if this city and in some way I feel comfortable here. I feel at ease even though there is somewhat of a language barrier. Whatever it is, Firenze has me wrapped around its finger.



Steps: 7,574


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