Journal Entry #22: San Miniato 

Antonio was right. The views from the top of the San Miniato were breathtaking. Figuratively and literally. There were so many stairs to get to the top; however, it was all well worth it. We saw all of Florence nestled amongst the hills. San Miniato sits atop the city of Firenze.

The views were incredible (I will include some photos below). I absolutely enjoyed learning about the origins of the church and how it was erected. Architecture has become a small obsession of mine as of late, and the church did not disappoint. As you will see in a photo below, there are two circular windows the geometrically depict the eyes of God and how he is always watching you. I was intrigued by this fact.

After Antonio (our Florentine encyclopedia, if you will) spoke about the church, a very special guest (whom I was honored to meet) Fra. Bernardo gave us a tour of the church. He took us from the crypts to the pulpit. He is so knowledgeable and spoke very beautifully. He spoke to us about family and the love inside families. This was very special to me because I am on this trip with my sister. He also surprised us with a chant. I have heard the chants before, but never in person. It was a true treasure I will never forget. This man brought tears to my eyes. The chant was so beautiful. Fra. Bernardo also said he prayed for all of our lives. I know to some it may sound silly, but it was truly an honor to hear this and to listen to his words. I am happy to have shared this with my sister and the rest of the group. The visit to the church was something me and my roommates bonded over. We couldn’t stop speaking about it at dinner this evening.



Steps: 12,224


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