Journal entry #23: I just spent €7 at Gucci


So Monday afternoon my sister and I decided to go to the Museo Gucci (Gucci Museum). It was the best seven euro I think I’ve spent. I am slightly obsessed with historical fashion and vintage archives (I spent a semester of college working alongside my departments expert in historical costumes). So when I felt all of those tiny interlocking G’s staring at me, I knew I had hit Nirvana. Or at least something close. It was more than I had hoped it would be, displays upon displays of vintage Gucci.

The Gucci displays are some of the best I’ve seen. The rooms are so well thought out with color schemes, bags pertaining to different decades, and patterns (a whole section is dedicated to florals!).

The collection has a wide variety of items that range from bags and a car to scarves and fur jackets. If you ever happen to find yourself in Firenze (or if you’re an Apparel and Design Merchandising major) stop in the Gucci Museum. There’s also a restaurant… a Gucci restaurant.



Steps: 19,804


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