Journal Entry #25: F^3

Italy is compromised of family, fashion, and food. The three things I need to survive. Italians are known for having large families who love wholeheartedly. The families here are very close. As Fra. Bernardo said to us, love comes from inside the family. I can definitely see it here in Italy. Today the group went to the Museo Degli Innocenti. This was an orphanage and a hospital. I highly recommend this Museum as it has quality information, artifacts, and art.

a Botticelli

details of Filippo Latini’s Annunciation

Speaking of family; I’ve noticed many smaller restaurants are family owned.  There are two restaurants across the street from my apartment that are family owned or their relatives work in restaurants. I asked Francesco, who works at a pizzeria, if his family has always been in the restaurant business. He explained to me that his father was a butcher and this led Francesco to the pizzeria. He told me that cooking is in his blood. Francesco mentioned to me that he likes to bake pastries as a hobby; but assures me the pizzeria is his life. I do recommend his pizzas, they’re amazing. I go there when I want consistency. I always know his food is going to be delicious. Francesco works alongside his friend, Mario.

Mario, Francesco, Starr, and me

Even though I spoke a little bit about food, it is a major part of Italian culture. Italians usually have a light breakfast with a caffè and a croissant. Today the group had to order breakfast in Italian. It wasn’t too hard because we have amazing instructors who make sure we are prepared (Giusy, you’re wonderful!).

A couple of days ago we had a cooking class, which was so much fun. We were divided into groups and we made all of our meal from scratch. It wasn’t difficult because we had a lot of help from the chef, who is a character. I think learning the equipment and how to put the ingredients together opened my mind to restaurants that make their food in house, instead of ordering bulk ingredients from a manufacturer.

The chef was extremely funny and recognized Starr and me as sisters. He continued to call us “the sisters” the remainder of the lesson.

Starr, Chef Fabrizio, and me


Lastly I will speak about fashion. I won’t write too much because I fear my post is already considered to be a novella. There are some fashion shows being presented in Florence this month. I was lucky enough to view two amazing shows.

The opportunities that we have been given whilst in Italy are irreplaceable. The work that has been put in by our professors and the staff at AEF is greatly appreciated. This trip has been everything I’ve wanted it to be. Florence is a place I know I will come back to many times in my life. As I said in a previous post, Florence has me wrapped around it’s little finger.

Grazie ❤


Steps: 14,450 (01.12.16)


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