Journal Entry #26: Sweet Siena

Saturday I had the privilege of visiting Firenze’s rival, Siena. Even though the two cities are rivals, they are both beautiful. Siena’s scenery reminds me of Kentucky. There are hills and mountain ranges and small winding roads. We first had a small walking tour of the town and then were free to order caffè and some breakfast. Next we learned some history of the medevil town hall (which was stunning) and had a very educational tour. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and I really appreciate guides that know their content. I was in awe of the detailed frescos and their meanings. In a room that was designated for town official meetings was a fresco the depicted the “successful Siena” that was created by good decisions and the opposite was was “unsuccessful Siena” which would have resulted from bad decisions from the town council. I do have some photos of Siena, but we were not supposed to take photos in the town hall. I have more photos from the winery we visited. We also visited Duomo of Siena (Duomo is the Italian word for church). This duomo is very beautiful and I really enjoyed the library. 

We also visited a vineyard in Siena. I know I say this about almost every location, but the vineyard was stunning. It looked as if it could be out of a movie or a fairytale. It was breathtaking. We had a tour of the winery and learned how the wine was made, aged, and bottled. Learning the process was actually interesting. The barrels were huge and were made of French oak because the scent doesn’t influence the taste of the wine.

Saturday was a full day, but it was so worth while. The views alone were worth all of my car sickness. 😊 below are some photos. Enjoy



More Siena photos

Steps: 19,264


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