Journal Entry #28: Angeli del Bello 

Yesterday the group volunteered with the Angeli del Bello, to help clean a local park in Firenze. I was really looking forward to the service project because Firenze has been so welcoming to us. Our professors, guides, and our Florentine father, Antonio, have been very generous and hospitable since day one. To give back to the city of Firenze, the group volunteered with the Angeli del Bello or the Angels of Beauty.

When we arrived at the park we were given orange vests, gloves, and equipment to clean up the park. First Starr and I picked up debris alongside the sidewalks and other areas of the park. Next we were asked by Andreà to clear the drains and dispose of weeds. A few people stopped to say thank you for cleaning up the park. This was so sweet of them, because this is where they walk every day. Most of the people had dogs and I know I would want my dog to be in a clean environment. I really appreciate the work that the volunteers do because we only worked for two hours at most, when they could work most of the day or all day. This experience makes one appreciate the people who sometimes do not get the recognition they should. I wish everyone could see the hard work that these men and women do. I will be forever grateful. Grazie❤

Below are some photos. Enjoy and go volunteer!



Steps: 18,467


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