Journal Entry #29: Mosaics and an Opera 

On Wednesday our schedule was packed. We went to class, a mosaic workshop, Gucci headquarters, and an opera.

The mosaic factory was such a pleasure. I enjoy art a lot, so seeing the progression from raw materials to finished product is a true honor. I can only imagine how many hours the artisans spend on a project. It’s a great privilege to visit these workshops.

Next we went to the Gucci headquarters. This was amazing as well. We weren’t allowed to take photographs, but I liked looking at the products and listening to our guide, rather than taking photos. Something that I really appreciate about Florence is that there are so many artisans. There are many small shops (as well as large) that create handmade products.

Lastly, the opera. I’ve been to a couple of broadway plays, but I really prefer the opera. I felt more emotionally connected and felt like I really had to concentrate on what was happening. However, it was lengthy (almost four hours!). I highly recommend that everyone go to at least one opera in their life. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s an experience nonetheless. Below are some photos!



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