Journal Entry #31: Sandro Botticelli and Uffizi 

 Before coming to Firenze, I was anticipating going to the Uffizi. I didn’t know our itinerary, so I was trying to find the location and prices for the tickets. Luckily the Uffizi is five minutes from my apartment. I walk there almost every night. the location is beautiful. The building is stunning, but the gallery is located beside the Arno river. So there are good views of the bridges and architecture lined down the water. When I found out we were going, I could have cried. I am an art enthusiast and appreciate the arts, so wondering around in a gallery for two hours was my dream. I have always wanted to see the Birth Venus. In high school I did so many art projects based on or inspired by Botticelli’s Venus. I love both of his pieces, but the Birth of Venus is my favorite.


The Blonde Journals

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