Journal Entry #32: Italian days

My Italian days are filled with museums, art, and food. Since the first day in Firenze, I have been soaking up all of the artwork and architecture. Those are a couple of reasons why I wanted to come to Firenze. I was just excited to travel to another country, as I have not been outside of the United States. Florence has so much history and so many stories to tell. Florence is the first European city I’ve been to, so it has a special place in my heart.

I will miss the musicians who play their instruments on the street or by the Uffizi. Their talents are amazing. Since I live by the Uffizi, I can hear them playing if I open my window. That’s something that differs from Kentucky. There are street artists and musicians almost every night. It’s not uncommon in Kentucky; but it is scarce.

In Firenze people walk almost everywhere, so going to restaurants or bars is easy (especially with a larger group). I love walking around Firenze and looking at everything. There is always something to see. In Kentucky there are shows and plenty of nightlife, but in Florence it’s more social. There are discos, but people here have drinks and conversation. There’s more refinement associated with nightlife. There are long dinners, beautiful music, and great conversation with friends. I hope to take this home with me.


01-22-17: 13,322

01-23-17: 10,797

01-24-17: 15,938


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