Journal Entry #33: last Italian day

This post is one I was not looking forward to. I do not want to leave Firenze! When I first arrived I was scared to be in Italy. It was a new place and I did not know many people spoke English. I had no clue how to navigate or how to shop for groceries. 

As the days went on I felt more confidant about navigation and the language. The language was coming along and I began to piece together phrases. Going to language class every day was probably my favorite part of my daily routine. I loved learning Italian. 

Some tips for traveling are: 

1. Pack lightly. Clothes that are thinner, but can be layered are best. And one thick coat will suffice.

2. Carry gum and hand sanitizer

3. Being the essential toiletries. There are pharmacies in Florence (and other places)  that carry toothpaste, shampoo, and medicine. 

My heart hurts to leave Florence. This city has stolen my heart, so hopefully it will be an excuse to return soon. I can’t gush enough about the art and architecture, but I’ll let my photos do the talking.


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